Top Resume Writing Tips

Resume writing tips

Top Resume Writing Tips

A well-crafted resume is what can separate you from other applicants. It’s the first impression a potential employer has of you, so making it count is crucial. 

Here are my top resume tips to help you stand out in a crowded job market.

1. Tailor Your Resume for Each Job

Customization is Key: Avoid sending out a generic resume. Tailor your resume to each job you apply for, emphasizing the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job description.  Remember that the requirements a company lists first are the most important skills for the role.

2. Use a Clear and Professional Format

First Impressions Matter: Choose a clean, professional layout. Ensure your resume is easy to read with a logical flow. Use a standard font, bullet points for listing items, and enough white space.  Ensure that job titles, company name and dates of work are formatted the same.  Also, ensure company name, job title and dates worked are all aligned in the same format.

3. Highlight Your Achievements

Showcase Your Success: Focus on your achievements rather than just job duties. Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments, such as “increased sales by 20%” or “managed a team of 10.”  Remember achievements prove you had success in your role.

4. Include Relevant Keywords

Beat the Bots: Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter resumes. Include keywords from the job description to ensure your resume passes through these systems.

5. Keep It Concise

Less is More: Your resume should ideally be 1 page, but up to 2 pages is fine, especially if you have less than 10 years of experience. Be concise and to the point, removing any irrelevant information.

6. Focus on Recent Experience

Stay Current: Emphasize your recent work experience. Generally, it’s best to only include the last 5-7 years of your career history, unless earlier experience is highly relevant.  T

7. Proofread, Then Proofread Again

Error-Free is the Way to Be: Spelling and grammar mistakes can be a major red flag. Thoroughly proofread your resume and consider having a friend or a professional review it as well.

8. Include a Mix of Skills

Balance is Essential: List a mix of hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal) skills. This shows employers you’re well-rounded and adaptable.

9. Use a Professional Email Address

Contact Information Counts: Always use a professional email address, preferably one with your name. Avoid using outdated or informal email service providers.  You can your own domain inexpensively at sites such as

Remember, your resume is a living document that should evolve as your experience and skills grow. Keep it updated and ready to impress at a moment’s notice. 

Now, go get that dream job!